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Why your Business still needs a Website

Despite the huge social media growth, the business website’s importance cannot be overstated. Although social media use is on the rise to find products and services, a business website if utilised correctly will still be your main portal to sales.  A good professional design combined with good online marketing is still the

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6 Reasons your Business Needs a Responsive Website

Attract and Retain Mobile Customers and Clients In today’s world where the web is available while your customers are out and about, the importance of a responsive website cannot be overstated.  Responsive websites are specially designed to fit the screen your customers are using to view your site.  This enables

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8 Sizzling Tips to Improve your Business Website

Take your Business Online with a Professional Quality Website Your business website has the power to make your business a success (Also a failure!).  Capable of reaching audiences a shop front never could, your business website will work well if you have a great, user friendly design and good digital

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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of tweaking and improving websites, together with other various online marketing techniques to improve search engine rankings (In simpler terms, to show your site first for a given keyword or phrase typed into a search engine). Another way to put this is that

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What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting together with a domain name and a content management system, are the three fundamental elements needed to begin, operate, and maintain a website.  This article focuses on web hosting and explains why it is needed if you are planning to start your own website. Web Hosting and Servers

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What is a Domain Name?

Together with web hosting and a content management system, domain names are fundamental to starting your own website.  This article discusses domain names, and the differences between domain types.  Read on to discover which domain name is right for your site. What are Domain Names? Put simply a domain name

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