Why your Business still needs a Website

Despite the huge social media growth, the business website’s importance cannot be overstated. Although social media use is on the rise to find products and services, a business website if utilised correctly will still be your main portal to sales.  A good professional design combined with good online marketing is still the best way to leverage sales and increase revenues.This post looks at how and why the business website is more important than ever before.

Search Engines

The bottom line is that not everyone uses social media. There is still a very large percentage of the online population that does not use social media (for a variety of reasons) and that makes it enough as a reason to make sure that your business has it’s own website. Secondly, some businesses that conduct a lot of social media marketing seem to forget that Google, Bing, (and many other smaller search engines) is still considered as the “go-to” place for the majority of searches online… so why give that up? So if you want to appear at the top of a Google or your preferred search engine, you need a website to do it.

More Content Options

The fact is that social media sites like Facebook only provide you with limited content options.  Although you can use ad options and build a following using Facebook, and you can inform your audience about your special offers and developments, the fact is that with a business website you can build dedicated shopping portals, publish blogs, and provide giveaways like vouchers and brochures.  Here, I’m just talking about the tip of the iceberg.

As your website is your online sales message, having a fully customisable site gives you full control over your sales message.  This makes it the most powerful online business tool you have.

Measure your Success

The other factor to bear in mind is that with Google Analytics you can see where your visitors are in the world, what traffic drivers get them to your site, what pages they view, and how many hang around to see what your site is about and how many disappear without a trace.  With a little technical knowledge you can also set up goals and events, which is an easy way to keep tabs on your business success. These insights give you the business intelligence to make changes to your site to both attract visitors and keep them on your site. And let’s not forget you will make more sales.

Branding your Business

Building trust is important with your customer and client base, and to build trust online you have to have a website, as well as a strong social media presence.   If you think of big successful brands, how many of them do not have a business website?  None, of course.  This is because they realised that they do far more business and repeat business with a website, than without one.

One of the many reasons for this is that it gives online options such as taking payments online, and answering questions as well as giving you a true business presence.   This builds the trust you need to do business.

You can also use features such as testimonials to make your sales message more authentic.

This Makes Sense! But What Next?

Let’s get your business website up and running.  It is time to build trust, perfect your business presence and start making your online business a success.  Click here to contact to get discussing options.