6 Reasons your Business Needs a Responsive Website

Attract and Retain Mobile Customers and Clients

In today’s world where the web is available while your customers are out and about, the importance of a responsive website cannot be overstated.  Responsive websites are specially designed to fit the screen your customers are using to view your site.  This enables them to engage with it while out and about without the need of a laptop or traditional desktop.  If they can engage with your site on their phone, then they can make use of your business services at their convenience.

In essence, a responsive website enables you to put your sales message in the palm of your customer’s hand.

There are other reasons to, read on to discover what they are.

More and More of your Customers and Clients are using Mobile Devices

According to various statistics, mobile use is increasing thanks in part to 4G technologies, and indeed the responsive design of websites.  Not having a responsive design will result in a considerable loss of engagement and sales.  Whereas if you have a responsive site you are in a much better position to make sales.

Avoid Google Penalties

In a recent Google update, they have started to penalise sites that are unusable on smartphones and tablets.  This means that if you have aspirations to appear on search engines, you have to have a responsive or at least a mobile friendly website.  If you haven’t got one you can forget it.

Staying Ahead of your Competition

Picture the scene, your customers and clients are looking for your products and services, and they find your site.  It is not been updated to a responsive site yet, and after much pinching the screen they search again.   They find your competitors, nice, new, and a shiny responsive site with big clear call to action buttons, and guess what; your competitor makes a sale.  The sale you would have made if you had a responsive website.

Make More Sales

As stated, your customers and clients can’t place orders unless they can use your site.  The fact is the web is becoming more and more mobile, with 4G technologies ensuring sites load faster, and as such making mobile web more accessible to more people.

If your site can keep pace with this trend, you will make more sales.

Newsletter Signups

A proven marketing method is to provide useful information via your blog and newsletter.  With a good mobile design in place your customers and future customers can interact with your site on all their devices.  This will enable them to read your blogs and sign up to your newsletter, allowing you to tell them about your special offers and company developments.  With a responsive site in place, your business is ensured of capturing as many leads as possible.

Future Proof

With so many devices being developed so quickly, there can be no doubt that a responsive design is the way forward for your business.  It will ensure that no matter what the future holds, your business will be accessible and usable by your customers and clients.

I’d like to Make my Website Responsive… What do I do?

Click here to contact us for more information on responsive business websites.  The sooner you do the sooner you can leverage mobile traffic and put your sales message in the palm of their hands.

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