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4 ways your website is letting your business down

When your business website is built well it is a valuable business tool. It generates leads and sales, offers a good user experience, and is a good representation of your brand and its values. If you feel your site is underperforming it could be due to a variety of reasons…

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Will AI Increase your Productivity? You know, it just might!

Artificial intelligence or AI isn’t the next ‘big thing’. It is here right now. Often it works away in the background unnoticed streamlining workflow or giving information fast and efficiently to customers. So how can AI make your business more productive? Customer Service Customer services are being greatly assisted by

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How can Blockchain help my business?

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin are buzzwords that have been around for a while but have been subject to considerable hype and speculation in the last couple of years. It is easy to concentrate on other things until this hype and speculation settles down and genuine accurate insights emerge. Let’s take

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My website is now live… but how do I promote it?

There can be no mistaking the buzz and excitement when you see your business website go live. It represents the fusion of creativity, ideas, business messaging, branding, and hard work to make your site a valuable business tool. You have every right to be proud. After you crack open the

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