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Use Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to your Advantage

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is simply the use of search engines to market your business.  If you sell in demand products or services, then utilising search engines to get your message to a new audience can be hugely profitable. As with all forms of advertising it is a question of

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Utilise Video for Business Website Success

Video has a lot of applications on a business website, and not just to give your visitors something to watch.  When used correctly, video is a very good business marketing tool.  It is fair to say that regardless of the industry you’re in, video will help you get your message

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Email Marketing – What it is and How to use it

Email marketing is a great way to generate traffic to your business website.  Simply by promoting products, services, and providing useful information to your customers and clients, not only will you be attracting visitors to your website, you will also be keeping your brand alive in the minds of your

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6 Reasons why your Website is Failing

Are you unhappy with the amount of Business you conduct online? There are millions of websites out there but how many of them are actually generating the success their owners hoped?  Here are a few reasons why your website may be failing to bring in the revenue you want. Professional Look and

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My Website is Down… What Do I Do?

Sometimes websites go down, and it happens for a variety of reasons.  Many are resolved in a few minutes and there is no action needed from anyone, and often the issue is with a third party, such as your internet service provider for example.  In this post we look at

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