Utilise Video for Business Website Success

Video has a lot of applications on a business website, and not just to give your visitors something to watch.  When used correctly, video is a very good business marketing tool.  It is fair to say that regardless of the industry you’re in, video will help you get your message to the people that want to hear it.

In this post we will look at how video will help you market your site, and a few ideas of the videos you can make.

A Picture A Thousand Words

If a picture tells a thousand words, then what does a video tell? Millions? If you can make videos that explain how something works, or demonstrate your product in action, or simply talk about your services or talk to your existing customers, then you are on to a win.  You don’t even need to spend thousands to do so, as nowadays most phones have a pretty decent video capture capabilities.

If you sell products online, often the manufacturers have their own video channel and will showcase the product.  Simply by dropping in this video into your business site and making it part of a playlist on YouTube, will give you marketing gold.

Social Media and Video – a Marketing Match

The great thing about videos is that people love to share them.  How many videos of cats and dogs have you seen?  A billion and one?  And I’m being reserved.  Although your videos will not get the same love as a cat falling off a table, they will be shared by your customers and clients with similar tastes.  This means that if you are doing a good job with your videos, your content will be shared, with people who are also interested in your products and services.  These people are your future customers and clients.

Moreover, videos are easier to spread the word than say a blog post.  There are several good video channels where you can show your videos.  YouTube, being the best as it receives the most traffic.  Also, if you create a channel, you can share videos for your products made by others.  This gives you good opportunities to showcase your work.

Conquer Search Engines with Video

The other plus point where video is concerned is that they often appear high in search results.  This is especially true if your videos are on YouTube, and they have plenty of likes and shares on the video social network, and other social networks too.   Trying to climb the search engine mountain is time consuming and expensive using other means, using video however, can and does see instant results.

Making a Video

If you decided to use video always make one with your target audience in mind.  That is to say, provide information that they want to know, rather than what you find fascinating or like.  You’re trying to sell here more than anything else.  So give your audience what they want to know.  They are more likely to buy if you do.  Remember, they are looking so they are interested in what you offer.  All you have to do is make the video that will make them reach for their purses and wallets.

How can I get started?

We can talk about how videos can be effective in your business website, and we can also offer ideas, tips, tricks and suggestions in order to make sure that you are using video at their best potential. Click here to get in touch with us.