6 Reasons why your Website is Failing

Are you unhappy with the amount of Business you conduct online? There are millions of websites out there but how many of them are actually generating the success their owners hoped?  Here are a few reasons why your website may be failing to bring in the revenue you want.

Professional Look and Feel

Each industry has its own stamp and feel where an online presence is concerned.  Your potential customer and clients will subconsciously expect to find this feel when looking for your products and services.  Winning web designs have this feel, and the bigger brands actually set the trend of what this look and feel should be.  If you feel you have a website which does not ‘fit’ your industry, you may want to ask a professional designer to take a look.

Immediate remedies include consistent style guide, easy navigation, and professional quality photos.

Inconsistent Branding

Inconsistent branding can turn potential customers and clients away.  Missing or different logos on your pages, too many fonts and inconsistent punctuation, typographic mistakes, and just a lack of something which appeals and looks professional, could be sending customers and clients to your competitors.

Lack of or Poor Content

Another aspect which could be adversely affecting sales is a lack of, or poor content.  Think about adding blogs, videos, polls, information about the products and services your offer, ask for opinions and create thought leadership content.  Try and think what your clients and customers want to know and what would be useful to them and provide it.  If you look at successful businesses they usually have engaging blog content as a main traffic driver.

As part of your content strategy, ensure you give out plenty of giveaways as these are always a good draw, and consider using vouchers to attract customers and clients.

Poor Landing Pages

Landing pages are the pages which sell your products and services to your customers and clients.  Ensure you implement landing page best practice guides ensuring your call to actions are on the money, and your link ratios are reduced to the bare minimum.  When you drive traffic to these pages, ensure context runs between your traffic driver and your landing page.  If you can do this, you will see more conversions.

Marketing is Non Existent

It is not just a question of having a quality professional website; you have to spread the word to attract customers and clients.  To this end always:

  • Utilise Social Media
  • Consider a PPC ad campaign
  • Ensure your site has good onsite search engine optimisation (SEO) and all content adheres to best SEO practices
  • Ensure videos are showcased on video channels such as Google and Vimeo
  • Always share your content as much as possible

Your Site Drives Away Mobile Traffic

Today’s web requires your business to have a responsive website.  If your site cannot be used on a smartphone or tablet, your potential customer and client will turn to one of your competitors.  Responsive sites are also necessary to appear on search engines on mobile devices.

Taking a Holistic View

Good web design, good business, and good marketing should be viewed as three necessary components to online success.  To start the process, get in touch and let’s make your business an online success.  Click here.