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How long does a website take to build, and how can I speed it up?

When a business decides to take the plunge and invest in the design of a new website, or re-design their existing one, it’s understandable to desire quick results. However, when
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A Guide to Crafting an Exceptional Website Brief

Crafting a well-written website design brief is essential for achieving success in your web design project. Ensure your project’s success with a well-crafted design brief. Starting a web design project
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What are the benefits of a website that Social Media cannot give you?

A professional website for your business, organisation, project or even for an individual can offer several valuable benefits. Firstly, your target audience expects a website, and it serves as a
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How to add Gozo as a new Country in WooCommerce

During one of our latest e-commerce projects that we were developing for a client, we needed to implement different shipping options to account for the different pricing structures between shipping
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E-commerce: Expectations & Reality. The Untold Truths.

E-commerce, is not a ‘new’ thing, and not even a ‘trend’ any more. It may be so for some companies here in Malta as some did come in late to
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How Much does a Website Cost? A 2021 Malta Cost Guide

Business Website Costs Explained Pricing is always a delicate subject in the business world. Without question, you want the best from any purchase you have to make. With web design,
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