Beware the Domain Registry Scam: Don’t Let Them Steal Your Name!

Have you received an email claiming third parties are trying to register domain names with your trademarks? Hold your horses! This could be a clever domain registry scam designed to exploit your brand protection instincts. This scam has been in circulation for a very long time, but it seems that in the last few weeks, there has been an increase in such emails.

The email will look like this

Here’s how it works:

  • They gather intel: Scammers mine your trademark portfolio, existing domains or trading names to find your brand names and contact information.
  • They create urgency: They send an email posing as a domain registry, “warning” you about these attempted registrations. The list of domain names might seem extensive, amplifying your concern.
  • They trap you: You naturally want to protect your brand, so you reply, denying permission. This is what they’re waiting for!
  • They exploit your reaction: They send you a “contract” with ridiculously inflated prices and long terms to “secure” these domains before “someone else” does.

Don’t fall for it! Here’s what to do:

  • Verify, don’t react: Don’t rush into action based on a single email. Contact your domain’s administrator to confirm that everything is ok.
  • Research, don’t rush: If unsure, conduct an online search about the sender or the alleged “threat.” You’ll likely find warnings about the scam.
  • Silence is golden: Ignore the email! Responding confirms your email address and opens the door to further harassment.
  • Mark as spam: Make the scammer’s life a little more difficult by marking it as SPAM in your email software. If enough people do so, their email address may get blacklisted and therefore make it more difficult to do the same to others.

Remember, legitimate domain registrars wouldn’t contact you through unsolicited emails demanding immediate action. Protect your brand by staying vigilant and verifying information before reacting to alarming emails.

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