Call to action… what it is and why your business website needs it

The Call to Action (CTA) is a very important part of your business website.  A good CTA when used in conjunction with professionally designed forms and web pages will help your customers and clients to navigate your site and provide a compelling and persuasive argument to buy. This post delves into call to actions and how you can use them to achieve business success.

Professionally Designed Landing Pages

Your CTA should be part of a professionally designed landing page.  This page should be compelling, highlight the USPs (Unique Selling Point/Proposition) of your product and service, and the CTA should give be clear, prominent and seal the deal.  Ideally, they should be a button, we us humans like to push buttons.

Here are some good examples of call to actions.  As you can see, they do not have to reinvent the wheel:

  • Buy now
  • Sign up
  • Subscribe
  • Download
  • Schedule your free consultation/meeting

When this copy is placed in a button, we just have to push it. It is how we are built.  As stated earlier, the CTA should form part of a landing page.  So let’s look at some hard and fast rules for landing pages.

Feature USPs on your Landing Pages

Unique selling points are still going to sell your message to your customers and clients and subsequently they are should be listed on the page, clear and prominent.  The CTA could well be one of the selling points, or the CTA could be reinforced by your USP.

And become a better manager.

In this example, the CTA DOWNLOAD NOW is reinforced by the statement ‘And become a better manager’.  This is an example of how USPS can reinforce your CTA.  The other option is to make the USP a CTA.



Colours on your landing pages are important.  Buttons and forms should contrast not just other colours on the page but each other.  A good professional will ensure a CTA colour to be the first thing that catches the eye of your customers and clients.

CTA Size

Size matters where CTA are concerned.  Ensures yours is big and beautiful for the best results.

OK CTAs are Important- What now?

Let’s talk about the proper visibility of your website or perhaps it may be time to give your site a face-lift.  Click here to schedule a discussion.



Jesmond Darmanin
Jesmond Darmanin
I am the founder of Storm Design Malta – a small, but successful web development company, primarily serving small to medium sized businesses. Over the past decade, we have been working with several local and foreign, SMB's to successfully launch, maintain and promote their business online. With a strong design, technical and marketing background, we are able to take up and handle web projects from the initial planning stages until completion up to the client's satisfaction. With our marketing skills, we are also able to handle SEO, Social Media and Online Marketing Campaigns and Online PR to enhance the success of your existing website.