Make your User Experience World Class for Business Success

Make it Easy for your customers and clients to do business with you

User experience design is an important facet of your business website.  The better design, the easier current and future customers will be able to interact with your business.  Good user interface design gives your visitors direction and facilitates doing business.

This post focuses on the important aspects that make a great user experience.

User First Design

The better user experiences will always be designed with your customers and clients at the heart of it.  This can lead to conflict at first as you may have one idea about good user experience, while a web designer might have another.  It is prudent to listen to designers and here’s why:

A good designer will be up to date on the latest design ideas.  Layout, colours, copy, visuals, call to actions, will all be facets he or she can bring to the table.  These aspects are vital to the success of your business online, and fall under their umbrella of expertise.  At the very least this should be taken into account.  The designer will be able to show you evidence for their suggestions based on their own experiences, or from a rated blog source.


Increasingly more and more web surfing is mobile.  From smartphones to tablets, your visitors like to browse the web while watching television or preparing a meal.  If your site has a good responsive design then your customers and clients will interact with you on the small screen.  If not, then they will look at your competitors.

A good web designer will be able to create good small screen experience as well as big screen experiences.  The importance of this aspect cannot be overstated.

Think Colours Forms and Simplicity

A good user experience will keep your objective very clear and draw the eye to what you want your customer and client to do.  If for example, you want your customer or client to fill out a form, the form will be prominently displayed in a contrasting colour, with a nice big call to action ‘submit’ button.

A buy now button will be big and easy to see and good colour use will make it stand out, just begging to be clicked.

Call to Actions

Call to Actions or CTA are vital for commercial success.  A good call to action will naturally lead your site visitor and turn them into customers and clients.  CTAs are parts of the site that provoke an action in your visitor.  ‘Buy now’, ‘Click here’, and ‘Submit’ are common examples.  The elements of a good CTA will include creative copy, the right page element for what you’re trying to do, i.e. buy, download, submit a request, etc, and be logically placed.  Again, the value of size and contrasting colours on your CTA cannot be overstated.

Bringing it Together

A good web designer will be able to see your objective and put together a design which gives your clients and customers purpose.  Digital success is a holistic endeavour, and the better designers understand this.

Discover the Value of Good User Experience

The value of good user experience cannot be overstated.  To learn more get in touch today and we can discuss what you are trying to achieve, and the best options to meet your objectives.  The sooner you start the sooner we can make your commercial website a success.  Click here to begin.