Great Copywriting – Know your Benefits from your Features and Start Selling

Engage Inform Persuade

Good copy (also locally more referred to as text) is an important factor in creating a successful commercial website.  Even if your website is packed full of videos and imagery, the accompanying copy will link the video or image with your sales message.  Conversely, poor copywriting will lack appeal and drive your target audience away.  The better your copy the better your business website will perform.

So what should good copywriting do?

Unique Selling Points (USPs)

Good commercial copywriting focuses on your USPs, adds a bit of creativity, and markets your sales message to your target audience.  A fair number of businesses, focus on the features of what they do and not the benefits.  This is in our opinion not the best way to go.  Benefits are what your customers and clients buy.  So with this in mind, let’s look at some good examples of benefits over features.

Apple iPod

  • Feature – 10GB memory
  • Benefit – A thousand albums in the palm of your hand


  • Feature – Broadband internet service
  • Benefit – Your seamless superfast online experience (Although uninterrupted streaming and fast downloads works better for my money)

The point is that from the features you should be able to work out a benefit.  This benefit is your unique selling point.  Feature these on your website and get results.


Context has been shown to be vitally important for successful digital ad campaigns.  In essence, the copy that appears in a pay per click ad should also appear on the landing page. Providing you are featuring your USPs, you will see a good conversion rate.  It should be noted that the landing page design and clear call to actions are vitally important as well.

Other uses of Context

Context does not necessarily have to be ad and landing page driven.  Your blog posts should contain sub headings, and you can use these sub headings to drive traffic from social media and other sources.  Think of the sub headings as a hook to persuade your reader to discover your blog.

Good Copywriting

Good copywriting will create content centred on your unique selling points.  To do this a good copywriter will not only be able to determine what your USPs are from your product or service features, but he or she will be able focus them to engage your target audience.

To this end to create good and successful copywriting you have to be able to understand:

  • What your USPs are
  • Why people are interested in your products and services
  • What motivates your target audience to buy
  • How to create the right tone to appeal to your target audience

A good question to ask yourself is how do you want your clients or customers to feel?  This will help you create the copy to make your business a success.

I need good copywriting what do I do?

To get your business online and make sales, talk to us in the first instance.  We can not only provide the copy to ‘switch on’ your target audience to your products and services, but we can provide you with a professional website that will generate feelings of trust in your clients and customers. Click here to reach out and get started.