Digital Marketing Errors to Avoid at all Costs

Online Marketing Errors that will Cost your Business

Every day the world of digital marketing gets a little more complex. It is an ever-evolving concept with new technologies and new methods being developed all the time.  It is important to keep up with trends and ideas to avoid your marketing becoming obsolete.  This ensures your revenue streams are maintained.

We put this post together to help you avoid costly online marketing business mistakes.

DIY Websites

Do it yourself websites are fine for vanity projects.  They can be up and running quickly, you can insert images, copy, blog, and contact details and a few other features.

For a commercial business, however, they lack many of the fundamental qualities needed to convey a professional brand in both terms of appearance and functionality. Furthermore, you could be losing customers if your business is relying on a DIY site, as from a commercial perspective, most of the time they look of poor quality.

With this in mind, it makes sense from all business perspectives that you invest in your own website designed by a professional. Your customers deserve no less.

Using Facebook as your Business Website

Facebook can be great for engagement and to drive traffic to your website but its limitations become evident if you try and run your business entirely from a Facebook Page. You may sell from the page but you could be selling a lot more if you expanded your horizons a little.

Social Media extends to Twitter, Instagram, Pineterest, LinkedIn, and Google plus. Are you promoting your product range and services on these?  If you’re not, you should. Although they have slightly less reach, giving your customers a chance to engage with you on a different medium is a good move.

Moreover, investing in your own website will allow you to showcase your product range continuously, and not lose them as they are pushed down your feed. Also, you’re not limited to Facebook page design elements. Call to actions, picture size, etc, can all be all configured for maximum impact enabling you to sell more.

Not Engaging your Customer Base with Social Media Updates

Many businesses only use social media to broadcast offers and products. This is fine to a certain extent, especially if this is the sole purpose of the page… but updates should be written that engage your customer base. Try updates that provoke a response about your product range. Get people talking about it. Think about how they will use it; does it combine with something else you sell? If so why not post updates canvassing opinion or showcasing this fact?

If you want or need further information on these topics, get in touch. We can help you put together a first class business website and help you better engage your customer base.