My website is now live… but how do I promote it?

There can be no mistaking the buzz and excitement when you see your business website go live. It represents the fusion of creativity, ideas, business messaging, branding, and hard work to make your site a valuable business tool. You have every right to be proud. After you crack open the champagne and enjoy a well-earned […]

Digital Marketing Errors to Avoid at all Costs

Online Marketing Errors that will Cost your Business Every day the world of digital marketing gets a little more complex. It is an ever-evolving concept with new technologies and new methods being developed all the time.  It is important to keep up with trends and ideas to avoid your marketing becoming obsolete.  This ensures your […]

Questions to Ask When Evaluating the Competition’s Website

When you have lined up a development company to design your business website, it is tempting to look at your competitor’s site and tell your people to duplicate it.  Although you may feel your competitor’s site is the best thing since sliced bread, the reality is that it could have flaws that you are unaware […]

Avoid these Business Website Mistakes at All Costs!

Despite the 21st century being well underway, new websites are launched daily carrying several of these mistakes which will result into usability nightmares for your future customers and ultimately loss of business.  If you’re about to launch or commission a web design for your business, ensure these mistakes are not featured on your new site.  […]

Use Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to your Advantage

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is simply the use of search engines to market your business.  If you sell in demand products or services, then utilising search engines to get your message to a new audience can be hugely profitable. As with all forms of advertising it is a question of cost vs. return.  For search […]