Project Description is Malta’s Interior Design, Architecture and Construction Portal. It was created by industry specialists who are going head-on to against misinformation, lack of information and substandard quality projects and providers in the industry. Lack of exposure to innovations and sustainable solutions have also become somewhat common and sadly expected in the industry of Interior design, Architecture and Construction.

RUUMS researches local and global suppliers and innovations to bring fresh solutions to industry professionals as well as home and business owners. We have factual information provided by specialists in the field.

RUUMS is one of our highlights projects for 2022 as it was a truly wonderful experience working with the project owner to bring this portal to life. We also strongly believe in the mission of the project where all information published is properly researched and is as reliable as it can be. All providers that are listed go through a rigorous review process to ensure that the products and services they provide are truly amazing, provide great value and are highly professional.

Months of work, brainstorming and tweaking resulted in a great new portal that feels modern, looks great, easy to use, fast and a breeze for the RUUMS team to administer. Truly pleased with the outcome.

Work carried out on this project