Ocean Breath

Project Description

Every now and then, we are lucky enough to work on projects that are truly unique and that have the potential to have a massive influence on the country or even the world! This happens to be one of them.

Ocean Breath, is a green tech company that is doing some amazing work to boost the population of the Posidonia plant, that lives underwater. This plant is deemed to be a miracle plant due to its incredible capabilities that greatly help oxygen generation.

Our work started with an in-depth discussion to understand more about the business. This led to the creation of the logo which encompasses several concepts into one, including the Enso Circle (regeneration, circular economy) followed by subtle air bubbles and of course prominently featuring the Posidonia plant. Following the design of the logo, we have then worked together to design a new website so that the company can promote their services and generate interest in the project locally and also internationally.

Work carried out on this project