Malta Chamber of Scientists

Project Description

The Malta Chamber of Scientists (MCS) is a society of professionals, academics, teachers and students involved in the field of science. Their primary goal is to improve science awareness and develop informed opinions, increase student uptake of STEM careers for high-level jobs, stimulate the socio-economic wellbeing of partner countries, and enhance the transferable skills of current researchers.

Storm Design was appointed to re-develop the ageing website of the organisation. The biggest challenge of the project was the migration of many years of content that needed to be retained to preserve the long history of the organisation. The new layout of the website was also a challenging task since it needs to clearly showcase the various sections within the MCS and highlight all the respective activities. Working hand in hand with the chamber of scientists, we have developed a solution that fits their requirements and have even worked hand-in-hand to build a new, fully automated membership management system.

Work carried out on this project