Beauty Boutique Malta

Visit Website Project Description Beauty Boutique has been a pillar of the local beauty scene since 2010, offering a tranquil escape and expert services. Our collaboration with Beauty Boutique involved crafting a comprehensive brand identity that captured their dedication to personalized care. We also launched a sleek, user-friendly website that showcases their extensive range of […]


Visit Website Project Description Kuciniera offers Maltese food tours with a twist. Besides the typical walk around the city where you get to taste and experience the local food scene… Kuciniera also offers the possibility to learn how to cook some of the most popular local dishes.  Kuciniera came to us during the inception of […]

E. Boffa Tanti

Visit Website Project Description Introducing our latest web design project for E. Boffa Tanti, a dynamic player in the recruitment and subcontracting industry based in Malta. Despite being a fresh face, E. Boffa Tanti boasts a team of experts, including accountants, payroll specialists, HR professionals, and efficient office staff. Storm was privileged to collaborate on […]


Visit Website Project Description iMovo help businesses achieve digital transformation. They do this by using data and technology to improve processes, customer experience, and decision-making. iMovo is committed to exceeding customer expectations and being a trusted ally in the ever-changing world of technology. After many years working together to assist iMovo with their older website, […]

Gusto Food Tours Malta

Visit Website Project Description Exciting news! Storm proudly unveils the successful online launch for Gusto Food Tours, a unique culinary adventure company. As digital architects, we’ve brought their vision to life on the web, emphasizing authenticity, inclusivity, and insightful exploration. Gusto Food Tours goes beyond the ordinary, steering clear of tourist traps to showcase hidden […]


Visit Website Project Description Therapy Cloud is an online therapy platform that is transforming the way individuals in Malta access psychologist services. The platform is on a mission to empower individuals on their paths to emotional well-being, offering a dynamic and personalized approach to therapy that seamlessly integrates into any lifestyle. Through Therapy Cloud, individuals […]


Visit Website Project Description THINK is the research magazine of the University of Malta. It tells the stories of students, alumni, and researchers. In each edition of the magazine, they tackle a different theme in a variety of aspects. It’s really quite unique. This publication is now in it’s 10th year of operation, and in […]

LGBTIQ+ Human Rights Conference

Visit Website Project Description During the EuroPride Valletta 2023 celebrations which were held in September 2023, the LGBTIQ+ human rights conference took place. This LGBTIQ+ Human Rights Conference aimed to build bridges across the Mediterranean Sea and seeks to take stock of the progress and challenges in the advancement of LGBTIQ+ rights in this geographic […]

GS Foundation

Visit Website Project Description The GS Foundation is dedicated towards the enhancement of democratic governance of the security sector in countries affected by instability or conflict. The GS Foundation is in a unique position to open doors to governments, ministries, international organizations or private actors worldwide. We have been working with the GS Foundation since […]

Melanie Sammut

Visit Website Project Description Dr. Melanie Sammut is a professional lawyer with expertise in property-related cases, encompassing areas like old rents, permits, and church property. She also offers a range of additional legal services, including contract drafting and employment law. Melanie has partnered with STORM to initiate the launch of her new legal practice, which […]