Are Online Logo Makers Worth it?

As a start-up or an established business undergoing a rebrand, you may be tempted to look into an online logo maker rather than seek out professional services to design your logo.

The idea of an online logo maker is that you can easily and simply create logos for your business and brand. They model themselves on the following three aspects:

  • Cheap – the costs are considerably cheaper in comparison to paying a designer to build a logo for you
  • Fast – you can create logos quickly changing the colours and style at a click
  • Easy to use – many offer an intuitive interface to get you up and running quickly

All this sounds great but when we dig a little deeper we can see there are plenty of pitfalls to using an online logo maker.  Let’s consider them.

Logos are fundamental to branding and they set you apart from your competition. As such your logo needs to ooze professionalism in every pixel. If you have a logo that looks like it was made using Microsoft paint you’re not oozing professionalism at all. Arguably, the message you are sending out is ‘that will do’. This will not do at all.

Your company image is important and helps to drive sales. Your logo is a massive part of that. When your customers and potential customers see your logo, they should recognise you and associate you with your offering.  This cannot be done if your logo is below par.

To give you an example when you read these brands you think of their logo automatically.

  • Audi
  • Nike
  • Nestlé
  • BMW
  • Starbucks
  • Sony
  • Apple

How many of these brands would you think of if the logo had been put together with someone who lacks creative artistic flair?

Copyright and Trademark Issues

Potentially, if you and your competitors all used online logo makers you could come up with very similar designs which may create legal issues further down the line. Legal issues cost time and a lot of money neither of which you want to spend fighting your corner.

What Makes a Good Logo?

Your logo needs to give your brand a uniqueness and offer a professional hook to your customers and clients. Research shows that people buy brands because they trust them to deliver what they promise and customers can find what they want more quickly.

This should be the aim of your logo design and should convey:

  • Professionalism – There is a reason the most recognisable logos in the world were not made on an online logo designer.
  • Your Offering – Some of the best logos work in the abstract but give an impression of what they do. Audi uses wheels in a kind of inverse Olympic format while Nike’s swoosh gives the impression of speed. Of course, you may want to go down the McDonalds route and just use the first letter of your business. ‘M’ in McDonalds case.
  • Be Memorable – If your logo is remembered then arguably it has succeeded. If it offers a professional image and puts your offering in the minds of your prospects even better.

Should use an Online Logo Maker?

When you consider how powerful your logo can be and its widespread use in all aspects of your marketing, it is best to use a professional designer. Colours, fonts, and a whole range of other decisions need to be made to make your logo the best it can be. With this in mind, it is best left to a creative professional.

If you need a logo designed, get in touch. We can give you that professional flair and advice to enhance your brand. Start a project with us today.