8 stats that online shop owners should be monitoring.

“One of the biggest advantages of doing things on the web vs real life is that on the web, many things are trackable.”

These are some of the most basic data points that you should be looking at:

– Traffic – Time on site – Traffic Source – Device usage – Conversion rate – Average order value – Purchase frequency – Abandoned Carts


You need to be aware how much traffic is arriving on your website daily, weekly or monthly. Less traffic (in most cases) will inevitably mean less sales.

The absolute most basic metric


Are your users spending 10 seconds on your website or 5 minutes? Longer time on site, means that the visitor is more engaged with the content, and therefore is also more likely to purchase.

An indicator of traffic quality.


This is great information to keep track of to determine your most effective marketing campaigns

How are your buyers finding your website?


Look at what are the most common ways that your users are accessing your website, and then make sure that your site works perfectly with those devices.

Mobile, Tablet or Desktop?