BuzyMumy needed a site to help communicate ideas, opinions, and tips for all things to do with parenting to a Maltese audience.

After initial discussions, we provided a blog focused content management system that allowed BuzyMummy to post articles. The design utilized clean lines to make the information clear and to keep the visitor focused on it.

A strong emphasis was placed on being able to share the articles on social media to increase the reach of both of the article and the BuzyMummy brand.

EV Malta

EV Malta’s web design and logo show what can be done with vibrant colours, and simple clean designs.

The organization is future-looking and is currently installing charging points for electric cars throughout Malta and Gozo.

Subsequently, when asked to provide a site and a logo, we took an elegant approach that conveys green policies and easily accessible information. The logo was particularly pleasing as it sums up what the organization is all about quite well, quite simply.

Exclusive Interiors Online

Exclusive Interiors provide an extensive range of home decor incorporating different styles for all tastes. To support their store, they approached us asking for an e-commerce enabled and fully manageable, content management system.

After brainstorming ideas we created a site that showcased their products and allowed customers to checkout securely. The classic store design complimented the brand superbly.

Fairwinds Management Services

Fairwinds Management Services offer corporate services, comprising of a team of multi-discipline professionals. They needed a content management system and a logo design that would appeal to their Italian, Maltese and International client base.

Designing the logo and constructing the site around clean lines that conveyed corporate services was the approach we took. The client was very pleased with the results especially as the site can be read in both Italian and English.

National Strategy for Retirement and Financial Capability

The National Strategy for Financial Capability Planning in Retirement is a government campaign designed to help Malta’s citizens understand all things related to retirement and pensions. To help them facilitate this, they asked us to design a multilingual content management system and help them market it.

Understanding that this site was important, we designed a bee character to catch the eye and to brand the site to reinforce the department’s marketing message.

The site itself gives the department full control of the content. We added elements designed to catch the eye such as sliders, to keep the site and the message interesting and vibrant.

Flower Arts

Floral arrangement company, Flower Arts, approached us wanting an online store, a fully customisable content management system, and to generate leads and sales using solid online marketing techniques.

To fit with the logo and feel of the brand, we provided a website to the client that utilised clever image use to sell their products. Using this as a base, we devised a visually charged marketing campaign to put Flower Art’s message in front of their target audience.

Geriatric Medicine Society of Malta

The Geriatric Medicine Society of Malta is dedicated to the health and well being of older people. They approached us wanting a fully manageable website with a content management system and logo design for their branding.

After a series of meetings, we provided a clean design giving the society full control over their website.  The logo’s simple yet memorable design fits the society’s ethos and underpins their public image

Gemini Design Studios Ltd

Established in 1992, Gemini Design Studios interior designs span two continents. They have changed with the demands of the industry and wanted a content management system and logo design to reflect this.

Inspired by their story, we provided a website that gave them full control of the content and a brand design to inspire their international customer base. They commissioned us further to generate leads using online sources which we did.

Hogg Capital

Hogg Capital has been in business for twenty years and they have become experts in portfolio management. They approached requesting a website that reflected the right tone that would appeal to their clients and support their sales message.

After a series of meetings and brainstorming sessions, we developed a fully manageable content management system. This enabled Hogg Capital’s management team to send the right message underpinned by the corporate clean lines of the design.


For over seventy years Invicta has been providing the highest quality furniture to homes, businesses, and schools.

The company approached us requesting a website that showcased their product range.

Utilizing images and incorporating product catalogs, we were able to showcase Invicta’s product range, giving the company a solid platform to market their products in its chosen markets.

The company has also been able to showcase its brand story that takes a reader back to 1947.  The site provides a very satisfying user experience.