Malta Tennis Federation

The Malta Tennis Federation required a website that was part magazine and part informational for all things tennis related.

After a series of meetings, we provided a site that allowed the federation to post news content to the home page of the site.  Other informational content can be posted on other pages to make navigation easier.

The site is the perfect example of what can be achieved for organisations with a little creative thought and application.

MCP (Malta Corporate Provider)

Malta Corporate Provider needed to define their brand and approached requesting a great new website with a content management system and also a new logo.

The following meetings fleshed out what the company wanted for their site and the brand image they wanted to project.  Factoring this into our designs, we provided MCP with a branded website that projected the values of the company and facilitated good business to business communications with their clients and prospects.

The Incorporation Specialist

The Incorporation Specialist is an established company providing corporate services to big business. They are experts in their field.

They needed a website and logo which matched the brand’s ethos of expertise and first-rate services and approached us to get the job done.

We took a no-nonsense approach using clean lines and an easily recognisable logo.  They now have a fully manageable content management system and a logo that their clients would expect to find.

Visit Malta Property

Property specialists Visit Malta Properties requested our support to design a bespoke website that allowed them to feature properties to potential buyers, and facilitated properties to be listed and found based on specific criteria.

After brainstorming and utilising the latest design thinking and technique we delivered a content management system that allowed properties to be listed on the site and showcased to potential clients.

Clients can search for properties using the site’s inbuilt search engine and can use filters to find what they want faster.

War Chest

War Chest delivers a wide range of corporate services to its clients. The company approached requesting a fully manageable content management system and online marketing services.

We made the site using the latest in design thinking and implantation providing War Chest with a site that featured clean lines, good use of whitespace, and easy to use navigation.

Once in place, we started an online marketing campaign that utilised several channels that built trust with the brand and drove traffic and in turn profits.

Zebbug Tennis Club

To help bring Zebbug Tennis online presence alive, we designed a site and logo that supported the brand.

The site runs on a fully manageable content management system. As Zebbug provides professional tennis coaching to people of all ages including children, we used bright, vibrant colours for the logo to really bring the brand alive.

The site and logo work well together and give Zebbug a meaningful online presence.