Abacus Consulting

Abacus Consulting provides a diverse range of business consulting services to their clients. When they requested a fully manageable content management system, the challenge was to provide a design that showcased their specialties and made it easy for their clients to navigate.

Drawing on our experience and know-how we provided a site that was both easy to use and ticked the right boxes from a marketing perspective.

Accounting Services Malta

Accounting Services not only wanted a content management system to promote conversions, they wanted to be able to do it in two languages, Italian and English. It was important for the company to be able to communicate with their customer’s preferred language, so we also built in the option for a user to switch languages if they wanted to.

Above all, it was essential that the site was a conversion machine. Different colours, call to actions and prominently placed buttons were utilized to achieve this goal.

Active Group

Active Group is an umbrella company for several diverse services operating throughout Malta. Real estate, travel, logistics, and automotive industries had to be presented to their clients in a clear, easy to navigate experience.

We provided a content management system that allowed Active Group to present their services, giving them full control of the content, and advances SEO capabilities that are ranking the website well above their competitors.

Admin Genie

Admin Genie’s business is built on providing admin support to companies of all sizes. It needed a smooth and easy to use site that gave a clean and professional image.

Utilizing the best in web design elements including the use of video and clear social media channels, we provided a site that promoted Admin Genie’s USPs in an easily digestible way. The site represents what can be achieved with a good clean design that supports the strengths of a business.

Apex Community Care

Apex Community Care provides comprehensive care and health services to their clients. The company takes a holistic approach to delivering a wide range of services and needed a web design to reflect this.

Taking a minimal approach using carefully selected images, font, and good use of whitespace, the content management system we delivered helped to convey a caring nature and outlined the brand values of Apex Community Care.

In addition, we provided a logo design that incorporated Apex’s brand values and fitted perfectly with the rest of the site.

Apex Childcare Centres

Apex Childcare Centres asked us to provide a comprehensive content management system website, with clear branding.

Taking all of this into account we provided a vibrant site, utilising bright colours and child-friendly pictures to promote trust with parents. In addition to the site’s colour and design, we used the same ethos for the two logos the company required. The brand values and ethos of the company shines through in the design which is immensely satisfying from our perspective.

Assurance Services Ltd.

Assurance Services Limited offers the full range of auditing services to its clients. The company helps its clients do smarter business and as such needed a smart website with a content management system to get the word out.

We stepped in and created a website that embodied the brand values of the company, allowing them to post the full range of rich content including video. They have full control over their web design, and can now covey the right marketing message and tone.

Business Concept International

Business Concept International approached us asking for a content management system and advice on logo design and branding.

After a series of meetings where we got to know the business, we put together a final brief. After initial designs were approved we gave them a business-focused site, logo, and a corporate branding design.

They have now used this to underpin their marketing, which focuses on delivering specialized services to businesses.


BuzyMumy needed a site to help communicate ideas, opinions, and tips for all things to do with parenting to a Maltese audience.

After initial discussions, we provided a blog focused content management system that allowed BuzyMummy to post articles. The design utilized clean lines to make the information clear and to keep the visitor focused on it.

A strong emphasis was placed on being able to share the articles on social media to increase the reach of both of the article and the BuzyMummy brand.

EV Malta

EV Malta’s web design and logo show what can be done with vibrant colours, and simple clean designs.

The organization is future-looking and is currently installing charging points for electric cars throughout Malta and Gozo.

Subsequently, when asked to provide a site and a logo, we took an elegant approach that conveys green policies and easily accessible information. The logo was particularly pleasing as it sums up what the organization is all about quite well, quite simply.