British Residents Association in Malta

The British Residents Association in Malta approached us for a web design and logo to make communication between association members more fluid. It was important that any design we put forward reflected the shared history between Britain and Malta.

After careful thought, we used a logo that showed the two flags. The logo and web design were created to blend seamlessly together while enabling British Residents Association to have full control of the content.

The Irish Emerald Society

The Irish Emerald Society wanted a content management system that made it easy for members to see what events the society was hosting, and to give people a flavor of what Irish culture is about.

Working closely, we delivered a site that gave the society an easily recognized brand, and a platform to put out content to inform members of up-and-coming events. Naturally, we used the color green. The site is now a thriving online community where Irish residents can keep in touch and informed.

Invest for Growth Asset Management Ltd

Investment for Growth is an investment company that approached us wanting full business support from the ground up.

We took on the brief and supplied a fully manageable content management design and client portal. Taking it to the next level we supplied a corporate theme, branding design, and logo, essential in today’s business world.  The company is now able to provide an enhanced service thanks to the client portal.  This works hand in hand with the branding that promotes trust with their clients.

I4G Partners

I4G Partners are financial investment specialists that cater to clients in various different regions of the world.

After briefing us we provided a clean corporate site that promotes trust with their clients. We ensured the multilingual features included detecting a user’s language and showing the correct version of the site.

Petro Globe Oil Services

Petro Globe Oil Services needed an online presence to showcase its services and experience to clients. They approached requesting a logo and the design of their website.

After braining storming ideas and a getting to know the business and what kind of services it provided, we developed their branding and created this website for them. The site allows Petro’s team to control the content and the logo reflects the brand values of Petro and fits nicely with the overall design.

Sky Route Aviation Services

Sky Route Aviation Services provide premium flight services to a range of VIP clients.  Realising the importance of a strong online presence, the company approached requesting an appropriate logo and fully manageable content management system.

After taking into consideration the brand and marketing message we designed an appropriate website and logo that complimented each other well, presenting a credible business to Sky Route’s clientele.

Middle East Lighting Association (MELA)

The Middle East Lighting Association (MELA) is an association to support the lighting industry in the Middle East.

They approached requesting full business services including logo design, fully manageable content management system, and marketing to promote the association and its values.

To meet the objectives, we used a range of precise marketing methods to bring the brand alive fully supported by a dedicated website and logo design.

MFP Funds

The clientele of MFP Funds are financial investors that want a dedicated ‘white labelled’ sub-fund. As such, they needed a website and a logo that appealed to this target audience.

After a series of meetings where we finalised the brief, we designed a logo and site that presented MFP Fund’s offering in the best possible light.  The site is fully manageable by MFP Funds, and the logo blends into the site and gives the company a viable brand.