Gee’s Jams

If you are a fan of jam’s and marmalades, you have just hit the jackpot. Gee’s Jams is a local small enterprise that produces some of the best jams and marmalades that we have had the pleasure to taste… and trust us, we have tested them all! But don’t just take our word for it. Gee’s Jam’s take their products very seriously, and the top-notch taste and quality of their products have even won several international awards!

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Flower Arts

Project Outline

Floral arrangement company, Flower Arts, approached us wanting an online store, a fully customisable content management system, and to generate leads and sales using solid online marketing techniques.

To fit with the logo and feel of the brand, we provided a website to the client that utilised clever image use to sell their products. Using this as a base, we devised a visually charged marketing campaign to put Flower Art’s message in front of their target audience.

Daily Saver

Project Outline

Let’s face it, nowadays not many people have the time and energy to spend it at the stores buying their daily needs. That is where Daily Saver can become your best friend. There are many supermarkets in Malta that provide online shopping, but this one has a few tricks up its sleeve. 

Daily Saver approached us with the idea of building a grocery shopping online store that provides the easiest way for anyone to find the products that they need, but also a simple way to place the order. We believe that we have been very successful in this mission as this online shop is now enjoying growing success with orders from hundreds of clients all offer Malta. 

The Beauty Store

Project Outline

No matter what your skin troubles may be, The Beauty Store, with its range of Korean skincare products is here to listen, help, and guide you to a new, healthy version of yourself.

The Beauty Store was founded in September 2020, and has since then become the go-to destination for the best K-Beauty products. We have helped The Beauty Store to build their online presence and online shop. A sleek and refined look and feel to match the requirements of their target audience is helping the business to sell hundreds of products every month.