NX Legal Services

NX Legal Services needed a site that presented its services to its diverse clientele.  The company specializes in business law across a number of industries.  They approached requesting business services to promote the company and build a solid corporate image.

Our solution was to provide a site that projected their know-how and professional services in an easy-to-navigate format making it easy for clients to select the services they wanted.  The memorable logo reflected their professionalism, and once completed was a solid format to promote their services online.

Petro Globe Oil Services

Petro Globe Oil Services needed an online presence to showcase its services and experience to clients. They approached requesting a logo and the design of their website.

After braining storming ideas and a getting to know the business and what kind of services it provided, we developed their branding and created this website for them. The site allows Petro’s team to control the content and the logo reflects the brand values of Petro and fits nicely with the overall design.

Pirotta Fishing Centre

Fishing is big business in Malta and a competitive one.  Pirotta needed a site, logo, and online marketing services to keep the brand alive in the minds of their customers.

Working from the ground up, we put together an e-commerce website that gave Pirotta full control of the site and they can make changes easily.  Once the logo and site were finalised, we promoted the business across online channels to drive visitors and profit.

Pro Sailing Malta

Pro Sailing Malta runs accredited sailing courses for a wide range of clients.  They required the full range of business services including web design, logo, and online marketing.

We went through a process of understanding Pro Sailing Malta’s clients and then applied our expertise to provide a site that their clients would expect to see.  We used the latest thinking in holding attention to keep visitors on the site.

Using best practice online marketing we were able to target Pro Sailing’s services to the right audience to drive traffic and revenue for the business.

Malta Raffa Bowls Club

Malta Raffa Bowls Club wanted a logo and site that would help them promote the sport to a wider audience.

Taking the time to get to know the business, we provided the club with a fully manageable content management system and a logo that makes the brand instantly recognizable.

Sky Route Aviation Services

Sky Route Aviation Services provide premium flight services to a range of VIP clients.  Realising the importance of a strong online presence, the company approached requesting an appropriate logo and fully manageable content management system.

After taking into consideration the brand and marketing message we designed an appropriate website and logo that complimented each other well, presenting a credible business to Sky Route’s clientele.


BaliStuff is one of Malta’s premier wedding designers. They have contacted us in order to develop a new website for them that will allow them to showcase their incredible work, is the cleanest and most attractive way possible. We have made extensive use of photo galleries through the pages of the website as to make sure that the products and services offered by the company are immediately seen by their prospective clients.

This website was built using the WordPress CMS as to keep it very user-friendly, search engine optimised and also makes the website a breeze to maintain by the client.

Middle East Lighting Association (MELA)

The Middle East Lighting Association (MELA) is an association to support the lighting industry in the Middle East.

They approached requesting full business services including logo design, fully manageable content management system, and marketing to promote the association and its values.

To meet the objectives, we used a range of precise marketing methods to bring the brand alive fully supported by a dedicated website and logo design.

MFP Funds

The clientele of MFP Funds are financial investors that want a dedicated ‘white labelled’ sub-fund. As such, they needed a website and a logo that appealed to this target audience.

After a series of meetings where we finalised the brief, we designed a logo and site that presented MFP Fund’s offering in the best possible light.  The site is fully manageable by MFP Funds, and the logo blends into the site and gives the company a viable brand.

Malta Incorporation Leader

Malta Incorporation Leader provides services to entrepreneurs and businesses that want to establish a business presence in Malta.  As such, when they approached us for a fully manageable content management system, we took into account the clientele of Malta Incorporation Leader and developed a site that appealed to their target audience.

Like good business to business sites, it makes the selling points of the business very clear and is easy to use.