Apex Community Care

Apex Community Care provides comprehensive care and health services to their clients. The company takes a holistic approach to delivering a wide range of services and needed a web design to reflect this.

Taking a minimal approach using carefully selected images, font, and good use of whitespace, the content management system we delivered helped to convey a caring nature and outlined the brand values of Apex Community Care.

In addition, we provided a logo design that incorporated Apex’s brand values and fitted perfectly with the rest of the site.

Apex Childcare Centres

Apex Childcare Centres asked us to provide a comprehensive content management system website, with clear branding.

Taking all of this into account we provided a vibrant site, utilising bright colours and child-friendly pictures to promote trust with parents. In addition to the site’s colour and design, we used the same ethos for the two logos the company required. The brand values and ethos of the company shines through in the design which is immensely satisfying from our perspective.

British Residents Association in Malta

The British Residents Association in Malta approached us for a web design and logo to make communication between association members more fluid. It was important that any design we put forward reflected the shared history between Britain and Malta.

After careful thought, we used a logo that showed the two flags. The logo and web design were created to blend seamlessly together while enabling British Residents Association to have full control of the content.

Business Concept International

Business Concept International approached us asking for a content management system and advice on logo design and branding.

After a series of meetings where we got to know the business, we put together a final brief. After initial designs were approved we gave them a business-focused site, logo, and a corporate branding design.

They have now used this to underpin their marketing, which focuses on delivering specialized services to businesses.

EV Malta

EV Malta’s web design and logo show what can be done with vibrant colours, and simple clean designs.

The organization is future-looking and is currently installing charging points for electric cars throughout Malta and Gozo.

Subsequently, when asked to provide a site and a logo, we took an elegant approach that conveys green policies and easily accessible information. The logo was particularly pleasing as it sums up what the organization is all about quite well, quite simply.

Fairwinds Management Services

Fairwinds Management Services offer corporate services, comprising of a team of multi-discipline professionals. They needed a content management system and a logo design that would appeal to their Italian, Maltese and International client base.

Designing the logo and constructing the site around clean lines that conveyed corporate services was the approach we took. The client was very pleased with the results especially as the site can be read in both Italian and English.

Geriatric Medicine Society of Malta

The Geriatric Medicine Society of Malta is dedicated to the health and well being of older people. They approached us wanting a fully manageable website with a content management system and logo design for their branding.

After a series of meetings, we provided a clean design giving the society full control over their website.  The logo’s simple yet memorable design fits the society’s ethos and underpins their public image

Gemini Design Studios Ltd

Established in 1992, Gemini Design Studios interior designs span two continents. They have changed with the demands of the industry and wanted a content management system and logo design to reflect this.

Inspired by their story, we provided a website that gave them full control of the content and a brand design to inspire their international customer base. They commissioned us further to generate leads using online sources which we did.

Invest for Growth Asset Management Ltd

Investment for Growth is an investment company that approached us wanting full business support from the ground up.

We took on the brief and supplied a fully manageable content management design and client portal. Taking it to the next level we supplied a corporate theme, branding design, and logo, essential in today’s business world.  The company is now able to provide an enhanced service thanks to the client portal.  This works hand in hand with the branding that promotes trust with their clients.

Nicks Executive Chauffeur Service

Nicks Executive Chauffer Service needed solid business services. Requesting a logo and a content management system, the challenge was to give the company a brand which supported their ethos of luxury, elegance, and professional business approach.

The logo speaks the language of a luxury car while the clean straightforward lines of their web design make a pleasing experience for their client.