Storm Design is a web design and development company founded in 1999 by Jesmond Darmanin. It was set up with the aim of addressing the need for a company in Malta to professionally serve the local start-ups, small to medium sized businesses whilst supporting their needs for growth and at the same time keeping within the available budgets.

Since then, the company has grown and evolved, but it is still has not deviated from it’s path, and we are still till today working closely with hundreds of local start-ups, small to medium sizes business to give them the online visibility that they deserve.

Our Values and Promises

For all these years we have been in business, we’ve had the great pleasure to work with some amazing people, companies and organisations. The key element of these strong relationships with our customers is our set of values and promises that we maintain through each and every project we work on.


We understand that everyone is living a hectic lifestyle, and we do our best not to interfere with your busy schedule as much as possible. Every project built needs to be easy for the customer to maintain and manage, and easy for future customers to find and use. Who needs more complications in life?


A strong foundation for companies and individuals to achieve a long lasting business relationship is is based on integrity. We strive to meet our commitments, treat everyone with respect and when things go wrong, own up to the shortfalls. This is our way to earn the trust of the individuals and companies we work with.

Minimum Cost

Every project we quote for and built always has budget and ROI in mind. Very few companies and individuals have money to waste on over-priced and overly complex solutions that might be too much for your needs. We plan each project based on your requirements and make intelligent suggestions on how the project can be customised to fit your budgets.

Why should you contact us and give us a chance at earning your business?

Every decision we make throughout the lifetime of our business relationship is focused on you, your business and your customers’ best interest.

  • We’ve been in business for around 15 years, and we’re not going anywhere.
  • We have been entrusted to design and develop several projects through these years in business.
  • We have great customer testimonials from some of our best clients.